The Essence

Where to start

Well, usually you start from the beginning, but where truly is the beginning? Is it the day you were born, the day you fell in love, the day you held your child, the day you finished  college, the day you started your career, the day you bought a house, the day you held your grandchild, or maybe the day you died and started over again this infinite circle of life and death?


There was something strange with the sky that day….maybe that is how I start my new story? – “Two worlds colliding…a new universe is born”

Truly, there is no beginning and there is no end, it’s just a conciseness transforming from one state of evolution to another until it is formed and shaped to its final creation. I hope that, as I move on the evolutionary scales, I will discover it. How you perceive life and yourself depends on the scale you are. Respecting every living being evolutionary scale on our cosmic ship is the essence of moving forward, and love is the ultimate tool to achieve that. The setup of today human beings “modern, civilized and intelligent” society undermines everything that, and no matter how much you want and how hard you try to challenge its cores, beliefs and values, you always find yourself trapped by it. But, knowing that life has a purpose and a greater meaning than this material form of ours and that our mind is capable of overcoming all the material barriers is the true power to upgrade ourselves into a higher beings and is the only way to get out and free ourselves of all the traps and illusions that today society has prepared for us.



There was something strange with the sky that day… two worlds were colliding, a new universe was born. Walking through the labyrinth I saw the many universes that my consciousness have created, in some of them I was and in some of them I wasn’t. I felt so much big and powerful watching from above all my failures and successes, all the joy and all the pain.

“This is easy” –  I thought.

My path was clear, all I had to do was to follow the line that was pointing the right direction. All the other paths were already chosen and closed.  As I continued some of the lines were disappearing. I was getting smaller and powerless until I couldn’t see above the wall. There was only one line left for me, and I was walking it alone. I wasn’t afraid or worried, because I knew that there are others on the same path and with the same goal – to clear “The house of mirrors” from the evil that was possessing it. Something was happening, I was losing control over my movement and I was being pulled by a force field. I was trying to resist it, but as hard as I resist the harder I was pulled. The wall was gone, my movement was back, surrounded by a dark mirrors I found myself in the one of the house rooms, and it wasn’t the “Room of love”.

“Next time I will try harder to resist the field.” –

In front of me was the darkest mirror in the room.



Human Inheritance

Humanity, care, love, healthy environment, advanced genetic code, higher level of consciousness, culture, cooperation, sharing, compassion, harmony, peace, responsibility, respect for ourselves and the whole world, solid foundations for progress and prosperity beyond the borders of the perceived perception about our life mission. Still, the real picture of the “human kind legacy” is totally opposite. It is an infinite collection of all the possible crimes, total destruction, toxicity, oppression, killing, hatred, envy and degeneration in every sense of the word. It is hard to expect something more from a world that is born and laid on the foundations of a mass enslavement and bloodshed on the highest scale, and always with the same goal – the weaker in the domination pyramid to be oppressed and exploited by the stronger and a more powerful. Each stage lower on the ladder means greater suffering, servitude and torture. The human kind exists aimlessly wandering into the matrix of hopelessness and aimlessness, satisfying and curing its complexes of domination and lack of love through the weaker living creatures and insignificant material objects.


Why, even with an accelerated pace, we still selfishly grab and massively accept these principles, social norms and values?

To get to the answer, we first need to activate our unique receptor and emitter of consciousness and the most powerful processor of information and logical operations in the world. Its active involvement is the beginning of our independent reality judgment and the perception of what is really happening around us, while certain repetitive-inherited processes will more and more seem aimless, beyond the boundaries of humanity and unnecessary. Once the material world of addictions disappear, a new world with real opportunities and higher priorities and goals will be born. However, without even trying to get involved in processing and reasoning, we will remain drowning in the hopelessness of the human waste abyss.

That’s very hard, difficult and unfeasible! That means that we will have to think with our own brains without someone telling us what to do, what to think, what is right, what is wrong and how we should live our own lives. That means that we will need to use our life potential and resources, that should be given to us at birth, with a high degree of self-responsibility and without endangering the existence of the world and the others around us. Then, how we will justify our inhumane and harmful acts, how we will justify all the murders, tortures, oppression’s and abuses, how we will face the living world of the Planet Earth that we use for our fun and amusement,  for molesting and slaughtering?

The denial of the things that we consider to be the basis of our own existence and purpose in our lives will also mean recognition of all these catastrophic acts of the human kind with far-reaching consequences for the whole existence.

On the other hand, it would also be a great start for developing a higher thought and degree of awareness. How would it look, for a start, to turn all the zoo’s, animal farms, slaughterhouses, nuclear power plants, oil fields, oil refineries, thermal power plants and all the waste disposal sites in a natural and clean living space? How would it be if the possessions and properties of all the criminals, who, from their higher staircases of the pyramid, sell us stories that the Earth is overpopulated, who have dared to grab from the weaker and usurp vast living spaces only for them few selves, which in no way should belong to them, we turn into a free living environment? This is way too drastic for the beginning, but still there are things that can really be done and undertaken, we only lack vision, courage, decisiveness, sacrifice and above all a desire for progress.

Confronting and mastering ourselves in the process of awareness is also the most difficult part for crossing the evolutionary threshold.

Misled and entrenched with ourselves and our own ego, we gladly accept, glorify and support all the non-human principles as a normal and the one and only true way of living. Without challenging, condemning, or taking any initiative or responsibility, unaware of the damage we inflict, we leave a damaged world in inheritance, which with every next generation rapidly is approaching closer and closer to the point of no return.